How to make a GST/HST credit payment

How would you like to pay?

  • directly on CRA’s website (payment processed on the same day) [bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#FD2152″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show Instructions” collapse_text=”Hide Instructions” ]
    1. Visit CRA’s my payment page and click Child and family benefits payment under the heading Individuals.
    2. On the next page, click GST/HST credit.
    3. Then enter the following details:
      • Social Insurance Number: (your 9-digit Social  Insurance Number)
      • Amount: (this would be the amount you want to pay)
      • Click Next.
    4. Verify all details on the next page and then click Confirm and Proceed to Pay
    5. Verify the amount to be paid on the next page and then click Pay Now.
    6. On the next page, choose one of the following:
      1. if your bank card has a VISA debit logo, then choose option one and enter your card information and click Process.
      2. otherwise, select the second option that says “Interac Online” and then click Proceed to Online Banking.
        • On the next page, choose the financial institution you bank with.
        • Use your bank card number and password to log in and then authorize the transaction.
    7. Once the transaction goes through, it will take you back to CRA’s website and give you a confirmation number.
    8. Please save or print this number for your records.


  • TD Bank
  • RBC Bank
  • CIBC
  • BMO
  • Scotia Bank

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