If no employment wages were paid during the period,  you can use the following instructions to report a nil remittance:

    1. Visit CRA’s My Business page and click CRA Login under the heading “Option 2 – Using a CRA user ID and password”.
    2. Log in using your User ID and password.
    3. Under the heading “Payroll“, click Provide a nil remittance.
    4. Then enter the first and last date of the reporting period.
    5. Confirm the dates on the next page and click Submit.
    6. Save the confirmation number for your records.
    • If you are a regular or quarterly remitter, fill out the appropriate section of your Form PD7A, Statement of account for current source deductions, and send it to the Sudbury Tax Centre. You can also write a letter. If you are sending a letter, include all of the following:
      • your name, position, and telephone number
      • the payroll program number you are reporting for
      • the legal name and address of the business
      • the reason you are reporting a nil remittance
      • when you next expect to make source deductions or the date you changed your business status, if applicable

If the employment wages were paid during the period, then you must remit the source deductions by the due date. You can do so by following these instructions. For regular updates, please follow us on social media platforms.

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