Authorization allows us to retrieve slips directly from the CRA which ensures that no slips are missed while filing your tax return


Two Ways to Authorize Our Firm
  • If you have a CRA My Account, you can authorize us simply by logging into your account. This is also the quickest and preferred method by us as the authorization is processed immediately.  Show Instructions
    1. Visit and log in by clicking CRA Login under the heading “Option 2 – Using a CRA user ID and password”.
    2. Once logged in, click Authorized representatives on the right under the heading “Related Services“.
    3. Then click “Authorize new representative“.
    4. Enter our business number: 841630916
    5. Verify details on the next page click Next.
    6. Choose Authorization Level 2 and Yes for “Online Access“. Do NOT enter an expiry date. Then click Next.
    7. Confirm details on the next page and click “Submit“.

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